Written and Produced by Jonaya Riley

We are on season break while I work on an extensive visual novel project! Please enjoy season 1, and look for more content in 2021!

A short fiction podcast featuring stories of gothic horror and magical realism.

New episodes release on the 1st of every month to Soundcloud and the major streaming platforms.

Episodes are now available on YouTube as well!


Season 1

About the Podcast

The Alabaster Bible is a podcast featuring short stories in the gothic horror and magical realism genres, specifically written to be read aloud.

Stories will vary from straight-up horror to "weird reality" stories and everything in between!

In addition to telling well-crafted stories, the goal of the Alabaster Bible is to highlight elements of the human experience - especially those of LGBTQIA+ folks - in a way that is compelling and entertaining, but not exploitative.

This project is the work of Jonaya Riley and her collaborators - episodes release on the first of every month.

Cast & Contributors

Jonaya Riley - a transfem woman with years of experience in unprofessional amateur writing and voice work. She is the creator, director, producer, and lead writer for the Alabaster Bible, and provides voice talent for most episodes.
(@AltUniverseWash on Twitter, Jonaya's Carrd)

Jojo (Funk McLovin) - a woman with a particular talent for music! She composed the main theme for the Alabaster Bible, which can be heard at the beginning and end of every single episode!
(@FunkMcLovin on Twitter)

Clever Telling - co-host of the Will it Homestuck? podcast, Clever provided her vocal talents in the following episodes:
-Episode 3: Woman on Phone
(@Vriskatarianism on Twitter)